Advancement: Online Bachelor Degree in Curriculum and Instruction or a Leadership Master’s Degree?

When I was working on my online bachelor degree in curriculum and instruction I had many classes with people working on a leadership master’s degree. We had group chats and most of the people taking classes were teachers like myself. Unlike me, however, they were more interested in becoming principals or vice principals or advancing at the district level. All I wanted was to become a better teacher and earn a higher salary, because my district offered a pay increase for each degree earned.

Many of my fellow classmates could not understand why I would do all the work required of a master’s degree only to bring home an extra thousand or so dollars a month. I on the other hand could not understand why anyone would want to endure all of the requirements for a leadership master’s degree only to be saddled with more headaches in an administrative position.

The led me, and a few others to realize that it isn’t an either or proposition. If one is looking to advance their career in the field of education both an online bachelor degree in curriculum and instruction and a leadership master’s degree can help them achieve their goal. It all depends on the individual definition of advancement. For me it meant more work opportunities in the field of teaching and a higher salary, for others it meant positions with more authority. Either way, and advanced degree is the way to advancement. Don’t you agree?