My Online Bachelor Degree Story

When I graduated from the MLIS online career, I've never thought it would be hard pressed to find a job. Unfortunately, it seems that many employers view my online bachelor degree as worth less than a traditional degree.
According to a survey by A total of 239 human resources professionals, "37 percent of respondents believe that the success of an online degree is just as reliable as traditional schools, while 54 percent said it was not credible, but that's okay , but these are the numbers of interest: About 40 percent of employers say they believe that the degree of confidence, which means that 60 percent of employers view the degree of me, the second layer, which work much harder.. for making me than conventional ..Some common mistakes.
This bias is somewhat confusing. I had the impression that the entrepreneur's own independent capacity and motivation to want to start a successful online program. So why the bias against the legitimacy of an online program or the employer also asked to describe what they see as the flaws of the online application. The three main reasons. "The students can interact with society," "too new to measure performance" and "loss of real exchange students - the time" ..
These are common mistakes. As for social interaction, I found that my online application is much better than my traditional financial statements. In fact, many teachers in programs and projects of the group attended. The virtual nature of the program were, my colleagues and I be able to communicate with each other at all hours of day and night, is not bound. We communicate via chat, discussion forums and e-mail. Often, communication is our priority, and although it is not possible, it is necessary for our success. OK, so not go to movies together, we can not always say that, apart from encouraging social work and to offer constructive criticism.To new or not.
If the idea of ​​an online degree is too new to "performance" and more traditional training for many of them have online courses for students with both traditional students and distance? Apparently, online courses are valuable for students who have traditionally avoided the stigma of traditional students of online courses for students in the course as well.
As for the exchange students in my online application is as effective as an exchange in the traditional classroom. In fact, there are other advantages to be able to exchange not only online instructors use at any time in our chat program to connect all of our conversations. This allows us the ability to benefit from a call, and even more so after what was discussed. The traditional students can do what he said word back? To - - We have also in the discussion forum of teachers in schools and answer questions about a way to participate and forums, they are applied by default. Many traditional teaching methods that come to your office once a week and ask questions, or suggestions?More value.
Those of us to take an online course or simply an online degree that we often choose to work and family not only for a school that might not stop the traditional. But that does not make us less valuable. In fact, we can become more valuable. We have to organize and more. Time management, our experience and our commitment to education is unprecedented. Employer to know more about what it takes to succeed in an online program. But the stigma remains.
At one point I was ordered not to mention that my career is to get an online education. It is a bad idea. Employers may be aware, in my career to be online as soon as you read my resume. At least I still have a full time job in a different position while my studies. Employers are more likely to find the kind of mistake, and many may think that I was cheated of the mine is not explicitly specified credentials online.
This is a good idea. For questions about your online degree in the interview, to be honest and the reasons why an online degree is worth more, that not only the opportunities, know that the job is the only way we can change. Errors of perception. Employers bread of online teaching.